Storyline 2 HTML5 rendering issues in Microsoft Edge browser

We use Storyline 2 for our online assessments. Recently we received and then verified reports of rendering issues on our tests when users view them in Microsoft Edge. It appears that the HTML5 rendering going on behind the scenes when a slide is drawn isn't being parsed properly by the Edge browser.

Here's a two-shot of our title screen, first in Microsoft Edge (incorrect) and then in Google Chrome (correct). These courses are being web-launched from our LMS.



Edge info: 

Microsoft Edge 40.15063.674.0
Microsoft EdgeHTML 15.15063

Storyline 2 info:

Update 12 1705.520



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Sam Hammond

Hi Alyssa, 

Thanks for the reply. I hadn't seen that you dropped HTML5 Edge support for Storyline 2, so thanks for sharing that.

I have to imagine this response is disappointing for many Storyline 2 users. It's really difficult to force learners to use a specific browser. It's especially difficult to prevent them from using the one that ships with an OS that's used overwhelmingly by businesses and thus by learners taking employer-sanctioned online training. And since SL2 HTML5 output doesn't outright fail in Edge, learners will often sink a lot of time and energy into a course before "unexpected behavior" crops up and ruins their experience (e.g. resume buttons not working). 

Our team has already upgraded to SL3 and is in the process of updating our back catalog so we'll be able to work past this issue. I imagine lot of other teams and freelancers don't have the same luck.

I get that tech moves fast, especially when you're at the mercy of web browsers and the innovations of other companies, but at this point SL2 is essentially unusable in a production environment without either severely future-thwarting yourself by publishing Flash only, implementing custom workarounds, or adding a bunch of disclaimers to your courses that require learners to change browsers.

The most frustrating part about this, though, is that you have an HTML5 rendering engine that cooperates with Edge in Storyline 3/360. I suppose it's just a happy accident that you have a new product available that solves the compatibility problem but its improvements can't be implemented in the previous version. 

If you got this far, thanks for reading my feedback. Other issues aside, I really appreciate Articulate's level of interaction in these discussions and for giving users a place to collaborate and make their voices heard. Again, my sincerest thanks.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam,

As the browsers such as Edge, IE and even Firefox, have gotten better with HTML5 support we were able to include those as supported browsers for Storyline 3/360 and we rewrote our entire HTML5 publishing engine to provide the best experience possible across the majority of browsers. We know that lots of folks are moving away from Flash, and that was one of our driving factors as well. We're really excited about this new push to HTML5, and I hope that our customers are too! 

Based on the major rewrite to HTML5, it's not something that we could port back to Storyline 2, but it remains supported by the original browsers listed in the system requirements (Edge was not one of them for HTML5). 

We also know that Flash has a limited shelf life, so we're making plans for how that will impact Articulate editing, publishing, and playback going forward as well. 

And, I appreciate you sharing here as well! If you have any other thoughts, feedback or ideas feel free to let us know here in ELH or you can also share with our product team  right here. 😁 

Lu Post

Hi, we have thousands of end-users and many use Edge. We publish using Storyline 360 and HTML5 as the publish browser. But we receive so many issues reported when using Edge. Can you confirm if these courses should work on Edge? At some point in the future, we will have a hard time mandating that they use Chrome. If they do work on Edge, is there anything we need to do to support these tickets?

Thank you!