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Jan 04, 2018


If this is already a discussion, please feel free to redirect me. I'm interested in the capabilities of using Vimeo in Storyline 360.

I have a series of videos across multiple slides that play and advance automatically so for the learner it looks like one video.

I'm curious if I can *more easily* format a Vimeo inserted video so that when the learner revisits the slide, they can then have control over the video timing?

Any and all thoughts would be really appreciated. I'm ramping up as quickly as I can, and I know I have a ton to learn here.


Thanks - and I LOVE your product!!




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melissa,

When you insert the video into Storyline do you have access to the Vimeo video controls? I wasn't sure what you were looking to change for the second time around - as the user should have access to those throughout.

If you're advancing the slide with the media completes or the timeline ends, there isn't a setting to change how the slide advances on a second attempt. 

I hope someone in the community can share their expertise here! 

Chris Reynolds

There's probably a really clever way of doing this using the Vimeo Javascript API and Storyline's Javascript dialogue, but I would propose a simpler method:

  • Upload the video to Vimeo twice
  • Have one version with controls and one without.
  • Put each video on its own layer within the same slide.
  • Use variables to determine whether the person has visited the slide before and show the control-less version on first visit and the control-ful version on subsequent visits.

To determine whether the person has visited the slide before, I'd use a true/false (Boolean) variable. Let's call it varSeenVideo01. It has a default value of false.

The video without controls is on Layer 1 and the video with controls is on Layer 2.

When the slide loads, it checks the value of varSeenVideo01. If it's false it shows Layer 1; if it's true it loads Layer 2.

When Layer 1 loads, it changes varSeenVideo01 to be true. That way, subsequent visits will cause Layer 2 to load.

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