Visited object won't change states


I am having an issue with an object that won't change to "Visited" and it remains "Selected". Can someone help me? This seems to always happen on the last object that they select before leaving the slide. Is there a trigger I need to put in?

See attached. It's rectangle 3.

Thanks in advance! You've all been lifesavers for me this week!


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Randy Hill

My guess is that it is because you are using a group as the button. I never have luck with that as it always does something weird with states. What I would do is just have the individual shape as the button. You can then edit the shape state and add in the number and text. Then it is one shape that is being clicked, not a combination of 3 different layers.

Tom Kuhlmann

To follow on with Phil's comment: if you have audio on the base slide (like an introduction) you can set the layer properties to pause the base layer.

Some people let the audio play completely and then allow clicking the tabs. This way you don't need to hear the intro audio again.

Another option is to put the intro audio on a later that loads when the timeline starts.