Visited State changing too soon

Mar 29, 2015

Hi, I'm a total newbie and am perusing the tutorials.

I loved adding 4 buttons with the rollover and visited states onto one of my intro slides so I my learners could visit the 4 modules in any order. However, if I create a Trigger that says to show a layer or jump to slide when all states are visited, it goes there as soon as the last button is CLICKED - and doesn't go to the module first.

Would using a variable or triggers be the most elegant way to ensure the final module is presented BEFORE the learner sees the "Congratulations, you are finished" slide?

Details please! Thank you!

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Donna Pepper

Hi Victoria, you've almost answered your own question with your statement of what you want to do. I've used this strategy several times, though with adult learners, I don't force them to do something before they move on to something else. As you can see in the attached screenshot, I've created a trigger that changes the state of some instructions that started out being hidden. The trigger changes the state to normal when the 3 buttons have been visited. Hope this helps,


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