Visited State changing too soon

Hi, I'm a total newbie and am perusing the tutorials.

I loved adding 4 buttons with the rollover and visited states onto one of my intro slides so I my learners could visit the 4 modules in any order. However, if I create a Trigger that says to show a layer or jump to slide when all states are visited, it goes there as soon as the last button is CLICKED - and doesn't go to the module first.

Would using a variable or triggers be the most elegant way to ensure the final module is presented BEFORE the learner sees the "Congratulations, you are finished" slide?

Details please! Thank you!

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Donna Pepper

Hi Victoria, you've almost answered your own question with your statement of what you want to do. I've used this strategy several times, though with adult learners, I don't force them to do something before they move on to something else. As you can see in the attached screenshot, I've created a trigger that changes the state of some instructions that started out being hidden. The trigger changes the state to normal when the 3 buttons have been visited. Hope this helps,


Victoria Sublette

Thank you, Donna. The problem I'm having is that as soon as the last button (to go to the final module) is clicked, it is registering as "visited" and showing the" Congratulations, you're finished" slide, but not going to the scene that they should visit BEFORE getting the Congratulations slide.