Visited State For a Branching Page.

Hi I created a branching screen , in my branching screen there are 2 topic each topic contain 5 pages  and i give three states for my button, not attempted, progress  and visited.

i just need to give visited state for my button after visiting all 5 pages in the topic but once just clicking the button only am getting visited state, i already give a trigger for controlling  visited state i created 5 variables and made it as false, in each page i visit i make it as true, and i give a condition in topic page.if my all five variables are equal to true then change button status to visited.this function will work but default button is giving visited state once am clicking only.

I got a solution for this , i called other trigger  and made the button to show only visited state once all my 5 pages are visited. this is the simple function i wrote it.

"if any of my 5 variable are equal to flase then change button state to normal."

am just sharing my ideas, if you feel that i can fix this issue in more simple way then please free feel to right  and share .

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