Visited state not working properly

Nov 18, 2016

I'm having an issue with the visited state on my project (Storyline 1). I have it set up so that a user starts at the "agenda" page and selects either content or review for 3 lessons and once they have completed those, they can go to the final summary then end the course. All of the states and transitions work properly however, if a user clicks on a lesson then goes back to the agenda and clicks it again (i.e. if they wanted to refer back to a topic in that lesson), the state of that button no longer appears as visited when they return to the agenda. Is it possible to set it so that once a button is clicked, the state will remain as visited, regardless of how many times the user clicks it?

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Brian Allen

Hello Stephanie,

Many ways to do this in Storyline, here's what I'd do: 

  1. Duplicate your visited states and name them something like "complete" (or anything, really, other than visited)
  2. Create a visited variable for each lesson with a default value of "false"
  3. Add a trigger at the beginning (or end) of each lesson that sets the value of your lesson visited variable to "true"
  4. Add a trigger to your agenda page that sets the state of each lesson button to "complete" if the lesson visited variable for that lesson equals "true"
Brian Allen


First, on your agenda slide, trigger your states to change based on the variable value when the timeline of the slide begins. This will check the value of the variables each time the agenda slide is visited and adjust the states accordingly.


Second, for your lesson completion triggers, you want to do something similar. My recommendation is to always try to avoid triggering any action based on the "normal" or "visited" state of an image or button.

You can avoid it very easily in this situation by adjusting the lesson completed variable to true at the beginning (or ending) of a specific slide in each lesson.


Let us know if this helps! I would post a revised .story file but I don't have access to Storyline 1.

Brian Allen

Stephanie, was playing around with your file and something weird is going on with the completed state of your checkboxes. Don't know if this is a SL1 thing or what.

I added a (default) "Selected" state to the first three checkboxes, adjusted your triggers to change the state of those checkboxes to "selected" if the lesson completed variable is true and they work.

Normally I have better luck staying away from the visited states of buttons when using triggers but with these checkboxes it appears you will need to use the default selected state.



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