Visited state showing and no trigger.

Please see the attached.  Apparently I have a hidden trigger on the "Audit" button to change to visited, or at least I can't find it anywhere.  It is acting like I want it to, but concerned that I can't find the trigger.  However, I added a trigger to the "DAST" button to change to visited and it won't work at all.  What am I missing?

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Tracy Parish

Visited is a built in state so you don't need to create any triggers and apply them to buttons for these built in states (Down, hover, visited, etc).  So there is a hidden trigger, yes, but you aren't really missing where it is either.

For this reason, I sometimes will delete the Visited state on a button and create my own Done or Completed state and use it with triggers to force the button to appear visited.  It gives me a bit more control over the button and it's appearance when users interact with it.

So the triggers you've added to the DAST button using the Visited state would be what I would create for both buttons but the state would be one I would create manually called DONE.