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Feb 22, 2022

When recording my screen in SL360 if I record in the same size as my slide 16:9 it is blurry. If I record it in 4:3 and insert it into my 16:9 slide it is very clear, however it leaves big spaces on either side of the screen recording. I want it to fit my slide but be clear. Can someone tell me how I can do this successfully? I can never seem to get this right and have tried everything, even custom sizing.

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Tom Kuhlmann

16:9 is the aspect ratio. You can record at 16:9 to match the slide, but you want the screen you're recording to be the same or close to the course size. 

Go into the Design tab and select slide size. You want to set that to the same resolution as the screen you're recording. For example, if the screen recording is 1600x900, you want your slide size to be 1600x900, ideally.

Deena Spencer

Thanks Tom!

I think I still may be confused with these terms. When I click record screen and set it to 16:9 (which is also my slide size), it is only recording a portion of my real screen. My display resolution on my screen is set to the recommended 1280x1024.

If I understand correctly 16:9 aspect ration is the same as 720x540 resolution so this is why it is blurry?

When I click record screen and set my recording area to Full Screen it shows it is the 1280x1024 same as my computer display, however it's not close up enough then to see what I am demonstrating.


Tom Kuhlmann

720x540 is a 4:3 aspect ratio. You want 960x540 to be 16:9. That's why you get the black bands on the side.

If your screen is 1280x1024, I'd set the course slide size to 1280x1024. Here's a demo where I recorded the same thing on a screen that was 1920x1080.

Here's a quick overview video.

Deena Spencer

Thanks for the examples you included above. I think I have figured this out based on what we've been talking about. Although I can't set my screen resolution to 960x540 same as my slide size I set it to the next size up 1024x768 and it has made my recording so much clearer so thank for that!

Also I thought the quick overview video you included above was a video about recording but it was just a page for the discontinuation of IE 11.

Would you have a link to a tutorial on screen resolution and slide size like we've been talking about here?