Void "Disable Nav Buttons" triggers when viewing content for 2nd time

May 08, 2017

I've added two triggers to my eLearning so that the Next button is disabled until the audio is complete on each slide (per this thread - Disable Nav Buttons). I've also set the Player Menu to "Restricted" so the user cannot move ahead via the menu options but so that they can still go back if they need.

However, if a user decides to click a previous (already viewed) menu option or click Previous (e.g. going from Slide 7 back to Slide 3), they are forced to view all subsequent slides and audio (e.g. Slides 4 - 7) a second time.

Is there a way to manipulate the "Disable Nav Buttons Until Media Completes" triggers so they don't have to listen to the audio the SECOND time around? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. 

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