Volume control in player moved from left to right side of seekbar

Jan 10, 2021

The volume control in my player has always been to the left of the seekbar, but recently it moved over to the right side of the seekbar, beside the navigation buttons. I prefer it on the left, and can't for the life of me figure out how to move it back.


Any ideas? I'm using 360.


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Jay Lambert

The issue with the volume control being next to the navigation buttons in the player is that it opens the control basically every single time you move your mouse over to the navigation buttons if you are tracking in a straight line. This is really annoying. It was much better tucked away in the left corner. Or it should only open by click. 

Dave Strobl

So I believe I have the latest version and my controls are still on the left. My client wants them on the right (which I am no fan of, in the future give us as developers the option to make these decisions as there may be bigger issues than your development group may consider). How does one move them to the right?


Becca Levan

I appreciate all of your follow-ups here, and I'd love to share some insight:

We reordered the player controls in the December update to be more accessible and intuitive (similar to other websites with controls, like YouTube). The article below shares more!

Juily Gite

Not sure if comparison with YouTube navigation is required here, as Storyline is used for creating eLearning content and we do have Next and Back button on the right side. The volume bar overlaps these buttons. The most appropriate place for the audio was on LHS. At least there should be some control over changing the position of the audio button if not set at default.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Juily!

I really appreciate your feedback! It's so valuable, and I'm happy to share this with our team. It sounds like you'd like the volume button to appear on the left-hand side in front of the Play/Pause button and would like the volume to be one of the first items in focus. 

I'll update my team on this request. I'll report back to this discussion when I have an update to share!

John Cooper

I'm confused - my volume and CC buttons moved to the right during the development of my latest course - I read this post and thought Oh well!

The client questioned it and I assured them it was a better standard to have the volume on the right - and now I updated Storyline 360 and its back on the left.

Which side is it - and which versions have it on which side? It's embarrassing to have to go back to the client and say I was wrong! 

Ren Gomez

Hi John,

Thanks for the follow-up! I just checked this on the latest version of Storyline 360 (Build 3.55.25975.0), and I found the volume and CC buttons to still be on the right.

Did you make any changes to the player elements, like removing the seekbar? That will move some player items to the left.

If you're able to share your file, we'd be happy to take a look and provide some further guidance. You can do that publicly here, or privately with our support engineers!

John Cooper

Hi Ren - just tried to send this message but got an error - so apologies if this posts twice.

I created a one screen Test Project - checked the version number is the same as yours... settings are screen size 16:9 - Modern Player - Menu on - navigation off .

Volume control is on the left (see png file attached)

Last week I published a review version of my course for my client - volume control on the right!! Now back on the left....

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, John.

Thank you for sharing the .story file and the screenshots!

The behavior I experience is that the icons will move to the right once you turn on the Seekbar. However, since you mentioned that you didn't have a seekbar on the previous versions, I'd like to connect you with one of our support engineers to see what's happening with your Player settings.

I opened a case on your behalf, and you should hear from our team soon via e-mail. 

Joseph Ferraro

+1 asking for a solution to move the player controls to the left hand side. Every single time the user needs to click Next / Prev or Submit they roll over the volume controls. This is not a good design decision for something that a user is traditionally only going to need to adjust once at max during a course.

Joseph Ferraro

1) This is the default player behavior that Articulate is establishing as a standard with their Modern player. Regardless of what custom work is done later, this should have sound UX practices tested out of the box within the parameters of basic expected use.

2) Custom navigation on each page wouldn't necessarily preclude the fact that the volume control could still be perceived as "in the way" any time the user reaches into the lower-right corner of the window, where (very) often even custom navigation and custom submit buttons live.

Joseph Ferraro

In your example here the user could easily roll over the volume icon, which pops up the slider control. Compounded over repeated interactions it ultimately becomes just kind of annoying. Bad UX. Youtube's player volume control is on the left if you need a global standard as an  example. That's the point here, as dozens of people have already voiced here and on other threads. Moving the controls to the left (or offering an option to do so) would in fact be both merited, and helpful for everyone, regardless of whether they choose to use custom navigation or not.