Vyond videos are blurry once uploaded into SL360

Sep 10, 2021


I am using Vyond to create short 2-4 second animated videos to be used in about 4 different slides in my elearning. When I upload the videos into my SL360 course, they are blurry.  Any idea how to get these to look as crisp as they do in Vyond? I am downloading the 1080p files from Vyond. My course has a custom aspect ratio of 720x405 (locked) if that has any bearing.

Thank you kindly.

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Laura Stark

Thanks. I am not sure why the template I am using is set to 720x405 (this was an inherited project originally created in SL3). If I change it to 16:9, do you think that would fix the issue (I realize I will probably have to fix a bunch of formatting issues on the slides)?

Also, if I did change it to 16:9, what would happen if someone launched the training in a small laptop screen? I know that the course is responsive, but would the course overtake their entire screen and not show the navigation? I not that experienced with resolution sizes. 

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

Richard Mulcahy

Actually the answer is not always going with the highest resolution as depending on your course content the size of your project will also increase.  For example, if your content is published to an LMS and is played in a window then 1920x1080 is wasted. Don't forget the player also takes up room. So I prefer 1024 x 576 and when you create your Vyond videos also create them for the same resolution. Assuming when you add the video to a slide it's the same size as your slide. There is also a compression setting you can adjust on your videos.