Vyond videos in Storyline- audio files

Mar 11, 2021

I am working on editing some modules that were created by another person. The modules have primarily Vyond videos that need some editing. I am almost done editing Vyond videos (they have audio) and getting ready to add them to Storyline. I noticed that the Vyond videos do not have audio in Storyline (It looks like they removed audio from the videos before exporting from Vyond). Audios for each video have been added to Storyline. Since I have limited time to finish this project, I was wondering whether there is a disadvantage of keeping the audio in Vyond videos instead of adding audio in Storyline separately. I will be adding captions for all edited videos. I am new to both Storyline and Vyond and I want to complete this project in the least complex way. I would appreciate any advice on this. Thanks.

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