Want: Base Layer Always Active

May 15, 2013


I have a base layer with a few buttons on them and then a layer for each specific button. 

I want the base layer to always be visible and clickable for users to move through the layers at their convenience, but it seems each time I preview it, the moment I click on one button, I get stuck on only that layer, and cannot click anything else on my base layer. 

I have the box "Prevent user from clicking on the base layer" UNCHECKED on all of my layers -but my base layer remains dimmed and inactive. 

I also have all of the 'Base layer objects" visible (the small eyes open) on each of my layers. 

Am I missing something?



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Mariana S


Geert: I don't have an object  overlapping or covering buttons on the base layer... but good thinking. 

And Christine: Thanks for offering to take a look at this. I have attached the two slides I'm specifically having issues with. Let me know if you figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Thank you!


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