Want to delete overlay in Quiz Review but can't find where!

Jun 14, 2021


I'm having trouble deleting a banner in the lower area that appears when in the Review mode after taking a quiz.

I'm attaching a screenshot of the type of banner that I want to delete. It either says "Correct" in a green bar or "Incorrect" in a red bar, and it covers the next button and is a bit redundant since there's already another indication on the screen of right an wrong answers. 

Also will attach the Storyline file, in case anyone is kind enough to dig in and find where those layers are hiding!

I've also uploaded the example to Review 360...you can find it here:

Thanks in advance for any guidance,


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Jeff,

The Correct and Incorrect banners can't be deleted. They're built into the quiz-review programming. 

You can, however, cover them up. Just create a Review layer (if you don't already have one), and add something else at the bottom of the layer. For example, if you have a plain background on the base, you could cover the banner area with a shape that matches the background. 

Jeff Crerie

Thanks, Judy.

I'm now finding that many others have hoped to change these built-in quiz review overlays.

Our problem is that they are blocking content on the page, so covering them will not solve our issue.

I've seen the YouTube video on how to delete them and create custom review layers...but alas then one loses the built-in functionality of displaying the correct answer.

The lack of flexibility on this component seems out of character for Articulate.