Want to drag and measure an object

Hello everyone,

Please refer to the attached PNG (image file).

I would like to drag any of the upper objects (pencil, pen, eraser, clip) and measure them in inches (or metric)...

I just can't find a good command in the Trigger library, would I have to use Javascript ? Any suggestion welcome.


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Charles Zoffuto

When you say you want the objects measured I am assuming you mean that you want Storyline to give the learners the measurement. 

Do you need the measurements to add up? 

The action would be that the learners click and drag the object over the ruler. When a certain object is dragged over the ruler, you could have a layer associated with that object show and display the value. 

Pierre-Andre Ouellet

First - the student will drag the object to the ruler at the bottom (of the
screen) to measure it.

Second - The student will enter his/her answer in a field and click on
"Valider" and get a feedback from Storyline that will tell him if he has it
good or not.



Charles Zoffuto

Yes, that should be quite easy to do without Javascript. So using the pencil as an example, my first thought would be have a layer  show when the pencil is dragged over the ruler. On this layer would be a numeric entry. When the learner submits their answer it would be checked against a variable. If it is correct, a shape could change to show a message of "correct". If wrong the shape would change to show "incorrect". 

Pierre-Andre Ouellet

I do understand to concept and programing logic.....

But what i am looking for is more freedom than the "Dragged Over" command...

I do not want to drop an object over another I want to be able to put it side by side to the ruler or drag it under.... (see screenshot.png)