Warning Layer and Text Variable

1. How to determine the text variable as shown below. I don't know when the text variable is V2, V3 or V7 ...?

2.  As a warning layer: If the user has not finished the exercise, he / she cannot submit the lesson. I have enabled the submit button to be: if the space is empty, the warning layer is displayed. However, some of my other slides when clicking submit do not show warning.  

I have attached the project below, the first slide: warning my layer works normally but for the second slide, warning layer does not work when I click submit

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Leslie McKerchie

Got it, Phương.

I slowed my scroll and took another look. You are correct, the trigger is there.

I see what the issue is now. It looks like you are using the same variables for both slides. Variables are meant to be used across your project files.

So, the value is probably not blank because the user filled it on the first slide.

You can correct this one of two ways:

  1. If you wish to reuse the same ones, add a trigger to reset each variable when the timeline starts on this slide.
  2. Set up different variables for each field and each slide.

How do these slides fit into your overall course? Are you tracking values or is this just for user interactivity? It doesn't look to be a graded question.