Way to block information in Articulate permanently?

Is there was way to block or obscure info on the screen in Articulate permanently?  I have a shape over the info to hide it and I have locked the shape but feasibly someone could unlock the image or show/hide.  In Adobe Captivate you can merge a screen shot to the background but I don't see this with Articulate.  This should be something that Articulate can do.

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Steve Gannon

Hi Jeanette,

One solution that might work for you is to group the image and shape, right-click the bounding box around the whole group (be sure to select the group's bounding box and not the bounding box for just the shape or just the image), and select Export Shape As Picture (generally, you'll get better quality if you export to a PNG rather than a JPG). Then delete the group and import the saved image.

Steve Gannon

I may be misunderstanding what you're trying to accomplish. Yes, if you keep the information you're trying to hide on the slide, it will still be possible for another Storyline developer working with your file to hide the imported merged image and see what lies beneath. I was thinking you wanted to merge the two and delete the individual top shape and bottom image.

Jeannette McGlinsky

Yes, I probably didn't describe the issue well the first time.  There is sensitive data on the screen and that was the only way we could capture the process since the test environment wasn't working.  I would like to overlay an image or shape in a way that the new image or shape becomes part of the background permanently.  I can do this using Adobe Captivate using "merge to background".  Even if it's a blur feature on the slide.  

Steve Gannon

OK, I think I understand. If the information you're trying to hide/blur is in a still image, and not a video, then the solution I recommended above should work. Once you export the grouped shape and background image to a file and reimport that image, they'll be permanently merged; just delete the group and import the image in its place.

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