Way to make menu available only after completion?

Mar 30, 2019

Love the Menu and the ability to name, delete, and add sides and indentations at will. However, it is a distraction for some of my students - something else to take their eye away from what is happening on the slide itself. Many would also be constantly checking their progress and consequently taking breaks from thinking about the content. I would love to have the menu icon appear on each slide but only AFTER my students complete the module so they can easily go back to any slide. Is this possible? In this particular module, they take notes on certain slides so the option to go back and revisit the slide if they missed some notes is important. I have completed most of the module so using a master slide template would be hard at this point. Thank you!

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JM Santos

Hi Robin,

Yeah same here, I really like the customization options for the Menu however at this time the hamburger icon is persistent across all the slides. You can submit a feature request at this link. I bet the dev team would love to know about it and find out it could be a popular feature


Hope this helps,


Robin Wooten

Thanks. I was expecting that answer but I was really hoping that there might be a way to control the appearance of the menu via a variable so that when the user got to a certain slide, the menu would be visible on all slides (unless turned off manually). Although this particular module follows an expected direction, I do a lot of experiential learning so I don't want the user to make choices based on being able to see which direction the module is going via a menu. It would defeat the purpose of most modules I do. I know I could remove slides from the menu but then they wouldn't be able to have an easy, clear way to return to the desired slide after a designated point. I know I could also do a lightbox slide as a menu with an icon trigger on each slide that only appears after a variable is met - but that is a lot of work and time when there is already a beautifully formatted menu available. Plus it would be difficult to highlight which slide they are on and other such difficulties also exist. Perhaps you could join me in this feature request?

I appreciate Articulate takes seriously these requests! Thanks!


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