Way to Mandate Clicking Resources in Player before completing a SL course?

May 31, 2019

I have 2 docs in the Resources (in the player) for a course.  I'd like to make it  that learners needs to at least open the Resources to see the docs before they can advance in the course.  I don't want to put the information from the docs into slides and require the learners to navigate through all of the slides before they can complete the course - one of SMEs asked for this.  Right now, I have an acknowledgement statement at the end of the course that the learners need to check - something to the fact that they've printed off the docs, will review them and discuss them with their employees.

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Lucy Wood

Thanks, but the resources are not on a slide - they are two PDF documents, housed in the Resources in the player.

I have been asked if I can make visiting the documents in player mandatory before proceeding to the acknowledgement statement at the end.

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Katie Riggio

Hello, Lucy. Happy to help!

Currently, there isn't a way to disable the Next button until learners view content in the Resources tab. I'm going to share this idea with our product team, so you should receive an email confirmation about it shortly.

In the meantime, I like your honor approach: Having learners check a box on a slide that reads, 'I have viewed and downloaded the documents' with a condition on that box to proceed.

Another idea can be to add reminder text like, 'View the documents in the Resources tab before starting the next slide.'

The community may have more crafty suggestions, so I'll open the floor to them!

Katie Riggio

Happy Monday, Kim!

Acknowledgment Slide Idea For You 💡

  1. I created this short tutorial and attached the sample file below if you'd like to explore the foundation. 
Too Long; Didn't Watch (TLDW): Add your content with four checkboxes. Then, create four variables (Point1, Point2; Point3; Point 4) and set the default value to False. From there, create four triggers to adjust each variable to true when learners click on the corresponding checkbox. For the Jump to Next slide trigger, apply the condition that all variables are set to true.

Lastly, set the player menu to Restricted, so learners can view the current slide and any slide they previously viewed but not jump ahead or skip over slides.

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This is just one way to approach what you're looking to do. I wonder if the community has other thoughts!

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