WCAG compliance issue

May 15, 2020

I am using storyline 3 and publishing an HTML 5 output on my local machine. This course needs to be WCAG compliant and to validate the same, i am using the Accessibility Insights for Web extension on google chrome. The problem is that the objects that are not defined in the tab order are throwing errors for alternate text. I have to include them in the tab order for no reason to make the errors disappear. Also, text entry fields are not WCAG compliant in the output due to a missing label tag.

Please help and fix this.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Rajiv!

I'm happy to help!

Here are 2 troubleshooting steps to get us started:

  • Are you seeing this error when previewing the course too? Or is it just when viewing the course in Chrome using Accessibility Insights for Web?
  • What errors are you noticing with the tab order? Is it the way a screen reader reads off the alternative text or are you seeing this when tabbing through the slide

Are you using a specific screen reader where you don't hear the label tag? We support both JAWS and NVDA.

I'm eager to investigate what the fix is!

Rajiv Chopra


Yes, at some instances the tab order does not work as intended in the preview mode. It skips an element and does not highlight the same in yellow. Sometimes, it just ignores an element in the tab order. Sometimes, the element is not highlighted in the second attempt.

The screen reader is able to read the elements that are not listed in the tab order. If they are hidden from the accessibility tools, the screen reader/Accessibility Insights for Web should not be able to read them and point errors for them. I will post a few screenshots as well for your reference.

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