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Apr 11, 2013

I'm interested in who people use, and what our content on, and a user friendly way of managing our own content so that we can link to it from our website.

Do other people do it this way without an LMS? We really don't need one yet. The learning I've created is all completely self-paced.

How much do you pay for web hosting? Are there web hosting services that are better than others with e-learning or doesn't it matter?

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saloni pawar

LMS web hosting is one type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals or companies. To make their eLearning portals accessible worldwide. There are plenty of hosting providers, play a great role in the Australian LMS hosting market. That offers various kinds of features according to your budget and specifications.

Top LMS Hosting Solution in Australia

  • Simplify: Cloud-based LMS with Limited Recourses
  • DomainRacer: Affordable Self-Hosted LMS Platform
  • Pukunui: Secured LMS Hosting but too Costly

Security and reliability are the priority of any e-learning site. And my research and finding say that DomainRacer Tutor LMS is the one-stop solution. Those are suitable for any scale of deployment of online learning platforms.

DomainRacer LMS offer well customized hosting packages including:

  • cPanel, and FTP access to manage your own learning management system.
  • Worry-Free upgrading your installation of LMS software.
  • Private Video Platform for 21X Faster Lording Speed.
  • Great LMS support including the Online Ticketing System and live chat via the web, email, what's the app.

High-performance multi-located data centers allow your LMS to grow with your user base globally.

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