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Jan 21, 2015

Hi everyone,

I have a slide that has a web object. I have a trigger that shows a layer when the slide begins, and then the user clicks a button to hide it and show the original slide (with the web object).

I've published it for web and uploaded it to our intranet (which is where I usually host modules without issue), but the layer does not show on that slide - only the web object. Locally the layer shows.

Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

Thanks in advance!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Erika!

In Articulate Storyline 2, you can layer slide content on top of website videos and web objects. This layering will be maintained in your published output. However, when a learner hovers over the embedded web content, it'll temporarily move to the topmost layer, which may cover other objects on the slide. As soon as the learner moves their mouse so they're no longer hovering over the web content, it'll return to its original position behind other objects on the slide.

René Müller

Hello everyone, I just bumped into this thread here. I'm currently testing, how this layer / web object thing behaves, when you embed a PDF file as a web object. I found this nice documentation from elearningbrothers.com: 


This 2 Part documentation works pretty well in ST 2.

In my project, I changed the way, elearningbrothers arranged their demo template. I put a button on the main slider with a trigger "Show layer PDFviewer when User clicks Btn". 

The PDF viewer opens on a new slide layer. To make users go back to the base layer, I included a little cross that contains the trigger "Hide layer". And yes, I can agreee with Emily Burnett: The cross is only visible, when the users' mouse is outside the web object. Unfortunately, the user then will have difficulties closing the layer since he / she will hardly reach the cross. 

My solution: I simply changed the size of the web object; thus, it does not cover the whole slide. I placed the cross on the top left side next to web object making the cross always available. That's not the most elegant solution but it works...



Crystal Horn

Hi Eric.  I did a quick publish to test out web objects layered with content in Storyline 2, and I found that in the HTML5 output (at least of my file), the content remained on top of the web object, even when hovering over the web object.  I was able to manipulate the web object and still have the other content stay in place.

Can you do a test of your content as well, if you'd like, to see if you experience the same thing?  We're having a look on our end to see if we need to make a change in documentation.  If this setup is important to you, and pointing directly to the HTML5 output is feasible, that might be the way to workaround this issue.

Thanks for adding your voice!

Paul Wijnen

Hi All,

I'm also testing this right now. I'm testing with SL360 and my experience is that the web object still goes on top of all the layers when hovering above it.
A work around could be to place a hotspot, without any triggers attached to it, on top of the web object. In my case the web object has buttons so this is no option, because the hotspot will also block the buttons of the web object.

It would be nice if this can be fixed in a next release!


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