Web Object Loads at Start, but Is Supposed Load Later On in Timeline

This is what I'm trying to accomplish:

Slide begins with 10 seconds of narration (imported audio), then a YouTube video (web object) pops up and plays automatically (no clicks). The problem is that even though I have the web object starting at 10 seconds on my timeline it is actually starting at the beginning. So you hear both the narration and YouTube video at the same time and when you reach 10 seconds the video shows up, but it's already played the first 10 seconds.

I've also tried putting the web object on another layer and triggering that layer to show at 10 seconds. Same problem.

I know there are a number of work-arounds I could try (two separate slides, add 10 seconds of black to the front of the video, etc), but it seems like this should work.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Adam,

You won't be able to trigger the time of the start of the web object. When it's on the slide it'll appear once it's loaded up and be  visible. 

As Brian suggested you're welcome to share your .story file so that folks can look at other ways of modifying the design to fit what you need.