Web object blocks content on layer above in IE8

Sep 05, 2014


I have a web object inserted in my Storyline course for a video that is hosted on a remote server. It is too large to insert the video into the course.

The code to play the video from the server runs a script to detect the delivery device, it uses a Flash player for a desktop, and sends the video to the native iOS player on an iPad. That all works, it just means that I can't use the Video from Website option because this isn't the usual embed code, and it doesn't understand the script.

My problem is we want to include a few instructions on the slide that has the Web Object. This is fine in Chrome, which does not block the area around the video, but in IE8, which we must support, the entire Web Object blocks all other content. It does not matter if the content is on a layer above or below the Web Object.

We want to video to play in the slide, and it looks like I can only change the dimensions of the Web Object if it plays in a new window.

I can slide the Web Object down on the page, but then the chrome from the Storyline player is also blocked and it looks broken.

It does look like I can scale the Web Object, and not scale the video, is that true?

Are there any other, better options for showing other content on a slide that has a Web Object?

Thanks for your help,


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Emily Ruby

Hello Karen,

jQuery is known to have issues when displayed in an iFrame in Internet Explorer. You'll need to adjust your web content so it runs properly in an iFrame when viewed in Internet Explorer. Otherwise, it won't work properly as a web object in Storyline.

When you add a video in as a web object, you can scale the size of the box it is viewed in.

I was unable to recreate your issue in IE8.

This could be an issue with the file itself, and where it is located, due to a limitation of IE8.

Let us know if you need anything else.

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