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Dec 05, 2013


I've added a web object (YouTube video) set to display within the slide automatically. When I preview the web object, it works fine. However, when I publish the Storyline file, the web object does not display. Am I doing something wrong? I've attached the slide I created, so that you could see all of my settings...

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Kevin Thorn

Hi Denice,

Welcome to Elearning Heroes!

For inserting a video as a WebObject, Michael has the solution. It's all about the URL! The support page link he provided is extremely helpful for various uses of video, too.

With YouTube, you can also insert it using the Embed code from the videos YouTube page. Instead of "Insert > Web Object" you would "Insert > Video > From Website"

On the video's YouTube page, click on the "Share" button just below the video. Several options become available including the Embed option. Click "Embed" and a chunk of code becomes visible. Copy that code.

As mentioned above, in Storyline go to "Insert > Video > From Website" and paste that Embed code. This method also works in offline Preview mode so you can see how the video plays prior to publishing. You also get all the same controls to start Automatically, When Clicked, or via Trigger. And, turning on Storyline's Player seekbar you'll be able to pause/play.

I've attached an version of your .story file with an extra slide showing the above.

Be sure to check out the link Michael provided too. Lots of great tips and insight.

Knut Jackowski

One possible cause of embedded pages not loading can be mixing secure and insecure connections.
When your course runs on a secure connection (https):

you cannot embed an insecure connected website (http), because your web browser will rightly identify this as a security risk and block the embedded website from loading.

The best way to get around this is to only use secure connections, the worst is to only use insecure connections.

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