Web Object not displaying in slide

Morning everyone, so I am thinking this may be my LMS as the issue, but thought i would reach out here before going to them (your response rate is much faster LOL).

So, I have a web object that I have uploaded to an external server we use.  I would like it to play in the slide.  So I did insert/webobject/put in the url, display in slide and load automatically.  First time around, it was a blank screen, than my web guy told me to add "s" to the end of http...so now I see an image but it says "refused to connect".  

I tested opening in a new window, and it works, but our staff don't do well with new windows opening if you know what I mean.

Then my colleague who knows some java script said lets try activating it on a layer with a button, that is test 3 and 4 (test 3 she typed script in front and back but I don't think she needs to)...

Anyway, I think the LMS is blocking it, I did this mock up to send to them, but thought maybe someone knows something I could try before I go to them.

Thanks as always - the support here is awesome!


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Seth Ozen

It looks like your web link cannot be displayed in a frame.
You said "I have a web object that I have uploaded to an external server we use." That means you have the files available to you offline. Put them in a folder (must include the index.html) and point the web object link to the folder and not to the index file. It should work.

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Seth, I was given the files from the vendor, so yes they are offline.  I uploaded the whole folder and pointed the path right to the index.html file.  So, you are saying remove the index. html from my url and just point to the main folder?  Not very familiar with web objects, so pardon my not knowing much LOL!