Web object (video online) not active with HTML5 export

Jan 19, 2017


In my module, a web object calls an online video. If this module is exported in Flash, all is functionnal, but if it is exported in HTML5, the video is visible but inactive (play, pause ...). Have you a solution for this HTML5 export please???

Flash: http://www.pedagonum.16mb.com/Test_Mooc_Activite_01_V_02_Storyline_output/story.html

HTML5: http://www.pedagonum.16mb.com/Test_Mooc_Activite_01_V_02_Storyline_output/story_html5.html


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Serge Benamram

I use Storyline 2 with Firefox, IE and Chrome but the problem is now fixed. It was a layer problem: in the Flash export, the layer hierarchy has no incidence but it must be considered with an HTML5 export. So, I have moved up the web object (video container) layer in the 1rst layer and it appears now exported in the well z-index. All is OK, thanks for the reply ;-)))


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