Web Objects Break if Course is moved from original Folder

Oct 09, 2014


  1. Create a new .story
  2. Add a web object
  3. Publish Course
  4. Preview it (works fine)
  5. Copy published folder to new location
  6. Preview it (no web object, despite web object being located within course files, still works in html5, but not flash)

This is sort of a recent development, we had similar problems before but found that was due to the web object referencing an absolute path on our network and that if we copied the file down to the courses location (local disk) and published it would be included as a relative path as opposed to absolute. Inspecting the element in chrome shows that the path is indeed relative when it works, but after copying the folder to a new location the web object is not present AT ALL on the slide, however it shows up just fine in the html5 version.

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Matthew Paquette

so I found this


I can not believe this. Your telling me Articulate copies the files from their location on my network into the course folder and they cannot display them using a relative path? They are completely viewable in browser when launched directly, they also appear in the html5 version, only the flash version does not display them.

This is so broken, please tell me this is fixed in storyline 2 (as we were about to purchase it)

Also how is it that we have developed 4 courses now which ALL contain this same glossary and its only just now becoming an issue. We have copied and tested all of these courses and had no issue with the glossary until now.

Btw before it is suggested we cannot use the built-in glossary the customer is very picky about us reproducing the exact funtionality of their original course, our bid is based on our ability to convert their old courses 1:1

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