WebM Video Format Workaround in Storyline 360?

Hi everyone,

I'm currently creating content that will be used as training material within a web app that runs in a custom Chromium build, so MP4 is not supported. I know there isn't a way to change video formats within Storyline, so I was thinking that maybe I could convert videos to WebM after publishing and just change the video links in the code to .webm.

Has anyone tried this? I'm having trouble finding the media links within the HTML and JS files. I see reference of the video content in the JS files (altText), but can't seem to figure out how to change the video file name.

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Tom Lund


I have the exact same problem as Ben in a CBT course with lots of videos that are updated regularly, so Ben's workaround is not really a viable solution. Any chance that Storyline will support WebM files natively? Now that the HTML5 engine has been significantly updated and works very well, it would be a natural next step to support WebM.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Tom!

Great question, but not one I know the answer to. I'm not familiar with WebM, but sounds like you may be.

I do know that getting that submitted to our team as a feature request is a good start :) Be sure to share the need and benefit so that we can fully understand the request.

Thanks so much!

Bridgitte Li

Hi Ben,

I'm curious to learn more about your solution! I published a module with a mp4 video, then went in to data.js and app.min.js to manually manipulate the file type. I also copied over my .webm video file to the corresponding folder, but when I launch my module, the video doesn't load. Can you provide any more guidance as to what I might be doing wrong? Or anything that I'm not considering?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Neeraj Sharma


I have exported project of Articulate storyline ​​by Web Publishing. All the videos are exported in MP4 format. I converted my project by HTML executable which only provides support for open-source audio and video codecs: WEBM, WEBA, OGG. The Chromium build is not enabled for the MP4 video format (H264 codec), as this format requires licensing.

 Please help how can I web publish with video file format WEBM, WEBA or OGG.