Weird Bar at Bottom of Preview

Jul 11, 2017


     I attached a Story file that looks strange when in Preview mode; a black bar takes up the lower quarter of my screen when in Preview mode. In Edit mode, the bar is not there. Any ideas?

     I also noticed a bit of a lag between when the Vampire Energy text appears in Edit mode and Preview mode. In Edit mode, the text appears just as the first thunder clap sounds (ideal); however, in Preview mode, it seems the text appears a split second after the first clap. 

     Finally, I'd like the door squeak audio to play when the user clicks the Proceed text, but I can't get that to happen. Well, I'd like the door to squeak and then, a second later, the next slide comes up (add a second long fade transition?). Any ideas on how to do that?

    This is my first attempt manipulating audio and video so I may be missing something completely obvious. Also, this is part of a portfolio.


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Mr C

Hi Heather

I think it may be the video size being compressed

The original size is 1920x1080, when I changed the player size and the video size back to full size the bar disappeared.

As for the door sound - I would create 2 triggers

1. click text to play media (door sound)

2. jump to next slide when media (door sound) completes

You may need to play around with timings but that is where I would start

I would also put the video on a loop so the learners can take their time to proceed

Hope this helps

Heather Vogt

So how would I change the player size and video so they're full size in my project? The video is from the Content Library so I just used Insert to drop it in my project.

In regard to the door sound, I just removed it. I thought it sounded silly after I tinkered with it a little bit. 

Finally, I took your suggestion of looping the video and audio but now have a weird black screen when, I guess, the clip is reloading (?) to loop. Here's the file with those tweaks.

Thanks for your help so far! 


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