Weird problem with numeric variables

Apr 06, 2017

Really scratching my head with this one... I'm using Steve Flowers' excellent workaround for creating a multiple numerical entry question with a "pick one" question and some smart triggers (

All was going well with this, but as I tested it I started getting invalid answer messages when I was entering the correct answers. This means that the off-stage correct button or incorrect button is not getting changed to "selected", or maybe both are, or who knows what.

After clicking OK on the the "invalid answer" message and changing the answer, I then sometimes get a completely wrong total value in the sum reference.

Do I perhaps need to reset some variables somewhere, or could this be a significant figures issue (I notice that the trigger has added ".00" to my correct answers)? Or maybe a corrupted file - hope not...

If someone has an idea what's up here, I'd love to get some advice! The story file is attached, and slide 2.3 is the one with the issue. BTW, the correct answers are supposed to be 274263 and 81219.

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