What am I doing wrong? Need to register completion in Saba LMS

Apr 03, 2014


So I'm finding how to publish to LMS...and I'm choosing SCORM 1.2 and I'm able to get the course in my LMS>..but clicking the Exit the Course button I created in Storyline with the Exit the Course default trigger...doesn't mark completion. 

Do I need to use the Submit trigger for the results page?  WIll that be what send the results to the LMS?  This isn't clear to me and I can't find any documentation.

My goal is to register the course complete when I give learners the Exit the Course button....either by them navigating to an end page (Through a branching scenario) or in this case, by getting 80% or better on a quiz.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Russ,

Storyline can track completion in two ways, either by visiting a set number of slides or a results slide. You'll need to choose that method prior to publishing from the Publish to LMS window and if you choose the results slide you'll want to leave the "submit trigger" intact. 

If you're hosting Articulate Storyline SCORM 1.2 content in a Saba learning management system (LMS), you may find that it's never set to Completed or Passed. Saba utilizes cmi.core.exit differently than most other LMSs, which prevents content from registering completion. Here's how to correct it. 

You can include the exit course button for either scenario to assist the users in knowing that they've completed and can  close the window. There are some known issues with the exit trigger detailed here, so just be aware of those as you work on your project. 

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