What are the dimensionsfor iphone compatible courses

Hello All,

We are planning to develop iPhone compatible courses in Storyline.

  1. Can anyone help me what are the dimensions which needs to be taken to develop iPhone compatible courses?
  2. Are there any tips/ pre-cautions needs to be taken while developing iPhone compatible courses?
  3. is there a way to detect the device and adjust the course dimensions as per the same?

Thanks in advance..


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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Jyothi,

1. The iPhone resolution is 320×480, the iPhone 4 is 640×960 and the iPhone 5 is 640×1136

2. If you are using the Mobile Player, you have to decide the aspect ratio that fits the majority of your targeted devices. Also make the buttons big enough for touch, and eliminate any hover actions that normally apply to non-touch interfaces.

3. Not in Storyline.

Hope this helps,