What cause Traditional Chinese SWF size publish issue?

Sep 30, 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm using Articulate Storyline Update 6. After importing the Traditional Chinese translation and publish the build using the same publish setting as the other languages, the story.swf file of the published course is about 8 times bigger than the other double byte languages such as Simplify Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. The translation I used to import was translated in Trados 2011 and was cleaned properly. I also compared side-by-side the Traditional Chinese in Storyline with the English course to ensure no additional objects or texts being introduced. Im not sure if the template setting causes the issue. After some testing and researching, I cannot figure out why this issue only occurred for the Traditional Chinese still.

Thank you for reading this post and I ready appreciate for any suggestion you might have to solve the issue.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hung and welcome to Heroes,

What template settings did you change? Is the file size causing an issue for you in terms of playing the course or accessing it? I can't say I've heard of a similar issue before - but if it's something that is being problematic we're always happy to take a look at the file here or by sending it along to our Support engineers.

Some other elements that could increase overall file size that you may want to look at are: unused slide masters, unused screen recordings, etc.

Hung Vien

Hello Asley and team,

Thank you for the quick respond. I apologize for not able tosend you the file because our client is not comfortable with that. I did not change anything in the templatesetting. Also I did check the slide master and unused screen recordings as yoursuggestion and everything is according to the English. I used PMingLiU font asits our standard font for Traditional Chinese project (this font does notcreated the problem me in the pass).

When I open the Simplified Chinese Storyline file andhighlight some text, the font in the toolbar shows ?? ( I used SimSun fontSimplified Chinese). When I open the Traditional Chinese Storyline file and dothe same, the font shows ?????. When publishing, when it gets to the lastscreen, under normal circumstances it finishes 10-30 seconds. But it isat this point it then takes an additional 8+ minutes to finishpublishing. At this point, the story.swf file has not yet been created,so I speculate it is spending that 8+ minutes building the story.swf file andspeculate the reason it is taking so long is because it is doing somethingunusual, like embedding the font.

I tested the Traditional Chinese today by changed the fontto Arial Unicode MS and the story.swf size reduced by haft but it is too bigcompare to the Simplified Chinese still.

I hope the information above are helpful and thank you inadvance for any suggestion you might have.

Best regard,

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hung,

It sounds like it is the font then that is causing the additional size and issues? The fonts are embedded - and essentially turned into images during the publish process. If the story isn't publishing at all, we'll want to take a look - and you can always share it here privately.

You may also want to shut down any other open programs or applications that could be drawing on the memory and causing publishing delays for you.

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