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Bruce Graham


Not sure what I am doing, that's the problem....

Sometimes I just look and it's minimised

It's like the thread I posted earlier about the message when publishing - I cannot replicate it, and do not know what causes it.

I guess I need to just be a little more vigilant, and perhaps work slower


Brett Rockwood

It actually minimizes the ribbon when I open a scene from Story View or do a preview. If I have the scenes open as tabs I can switch between them without them minimizing but as soon as I go to add another scene tab it comes in minimized. And whenever I preview it minimizes the ribbon. Really odd behavior.

Brett Rockwood

It's the strangest thing. Ashley, this is someone else's course I'm working on so that's kind of interesting.

Leslie, I haven't tried to repair, i.e., uninstall/reinstall, as the problem is only on this single file; others are working fine.

And about an hour ago, just as mysteriously the problem appeared it has gone away... No idea what was the cause or why it went away. My guess is some weirdness in the file itself.

Amaia Quesada

I have just started to experience this all of a sudden each time I go to view -> slide master (which I am doing quite a lot at the moment, defining some templates). As others said it is quite annoying to have to uncheck "minimize ribbon" each time. Has there been any fix found for this?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amaia, 

The original discussion is a bit older, so I'm curious if you can let us know what version and update of Storyline you're using?  You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline".

I don't see that we've replicated this, so if you're able to share more information on your setup and the steps you take prior to this happening that'll also help. For example, a screen recording and knowing more about your Windows environment.

Amaia Quesada

I use Storyline 2 and the  update is 12: 1705.520. 
I was about to record my screen but this morning all seems to be back to normal :)
Maybe the software just needed to be closed and opened again, who knows.

I will record my screen if it ever happens again. Many thanks for your support!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amaia,

We all need our beauty sleep, even Storyline. 😴

I'd recommend closing Storyline and shutting down your computer on a regular basis to allow things the reset they need. We also have some other best practices for working in your Storyline files outlined here that'll help prevent odd issues and behavior that could ultimately lead to corruption. 

Lastly, I did want to let you know Storyline 2's latest update is Update 13. I'd encourage you to download and install the latest update if you're able. 

Gerry McAteer

Hi I have just started to have this issue. When I select the preview screen the ribbon is always minimised! When in Preview I untick the 'minimise the ribbon' option however it reverts back to minimise the next time I view preview. I have just installed the latest update of SL360.



Mona Idemudia

Yes Gerry.

This is exactly what I was experiencing. And it's just with one file. It seems that something is triggering Storyline to do so, I'm just wonderng what event that is. And it seems to be irreversible.

Gladly, I have finished the project I was working on back then and I no longer need to manually untick the checkbox anymore. Hasn't happend to me again since then.