What does Articulate Storyline need in order to resume place?

Apr 06, 2014

I am using TinCan to communicate to Articulate Storyline. I notice that when it boots up, it sends a GET request for a /state . I'd love to return it something, but I could not find anywhere in your documentation what exactly it needs.

This is what it sends to me :











   "any"=>[:OPTIONS, :POST],




So from here I assume that an LRS would look up this ActivityID, and its user, and then return to them a "state". So my question to you is, what *exactly* does your Articulate Storyline need in order to resume to a specific state?

To further explain, because I am ignoring these state requests, a popup appears that says, "Would you like to start off where you left off?" ( or something of similar wording ), and it will present these options to me, even if I'm using a new browser and using the Articulate file for the very first time. If I click "yes", your app doesn't know what to do because it doesn't have any information on what the "state" is of where the user left off at. This is because I did not respond to that `get` request looking for the state.

I imagine the state would be encapsulated inside of some kind of Hash or JSON block like my example above. I just need to know what parameters and values it would have to be set to. 

If I were to guess.. I would assume that the values would be the name of the activtyID in the activity node of the page such as `6LHIJumrnmV_course_id` .

Thank you. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Trip,

Are you not using the normal prompt to resume setting within Storyline or allowing your LRS to handle it?  It sounds unusual that you're being asked if you want to resume before you've ever taken the course, so I'm not certain if you've done some other modifications to your published output that would have caused this. If not, I'd want to know if you're able to replicate this behavior at SCORM Cloud, which is an industry standard for testing SCORM Content.  If you test your Tin Can content there, you may encounter this error, but it can be safely ignored. 

I'm uncertain to tell you what to look for, as Storyline will compress your suspend data and therefore it would not be decipherable. 

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