What is the easiest way to share Articulate Storyline .swf files?

I have made some projects with Articulate Storyline and when I have published the projects, they have become in the form of files in a folder (including story.swf, story.html, meta.xml, and a story-content folder for each project). I do not currently have a website, is there any way that I can convert/publish my articulate storyline files easily as a single .swf file to share with others, instead of sending the whole project folder as a zipped file to them? (I tried sending the .swf file alone, but that does not work since the file needs to be accompanied by all the other files in the folder). Also, is there any free website/web spaces that I can upload my storyline projects there?   

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Jesse Spinella

Have you tried dropbox? You can upload your files to the public folder, then send the download link via email or IM, or however you contact your colleagues that your files are available online.

Just send the "launch storyline" download link to whomever and that'll load in the browser as long as its online.