What mobile devices are supported in Storyline 4: 1311.1422

Dec 23, 2013

Hi, there

We're about to launch a pilot for a game written in Storyline. We have tested it on the iPad and it works well. However, we are getting inconsistent results with other mobile devices.

Could you give me some guidance as to what mobile devices work well with the Update 4: 1311.1422 version of Storyline? I want to give our pilot users clear direction as to which devices they can use.

Thanks very much!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie,

Phil is correct, only the iPad and the iPhone. You can also review this comparison chart about the different features of Storyline and how they'll work in the Flash, HTML5, or Mobile player versions of your course. 

Storyline content may work on some Android devices. However, Articulate does not officially support Android devices or browsers. Click here to review the system requirements for authoring and viewing Storyline content.

If you'd like to see official support for a particular mobile device, we welcome your feature requests.

Marie DesJardin

Thank you, Ashley. I use your comparison chart while I'm designing.

Your list of supported devices doesn't call out iPhone, just iPad. As mentioned above, we can't play the game on the iPhone because the content doesn't resize for the device. It holds its dimensions and the buttons are too small to use. Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere?

Thanks very much!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie,

The mobile player is only optimized for the iPad, but the HTML5 content is accessible on an iPhone in mobile Safari, just as with the iPad. In regards to the display, it is not set up to automatically re-size based on the device, so you'd need to set up the course based on needing it to play for an iPhone. This may involve creating more than one course, depending on your needs and design. There is an example in this thread, where the user has actually created a demo of an iPhone with iOS7. 

If you'd like to request more specific iPhone functionality please share your thoughts in the form of a feature request. 

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