What's the difference btwn a scene and a slide?

Aug 07, 2014

I'm a new Storyline user, but am an intermediate user of the Studio suite. I'm trying to understand the difference between a scene and a slide?

Also, if audio was previously recorded in Powerpoint, can it be imported into Storyline with an existing presentation?

Tackling the learning curve...thanks!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tina and welcome to Heroes!

As for the Powerpoint import, any audio recorded should transfer as a part of the import and you'll want to follow the directions here on how to conduct the import. Although it's worth noting, importing PowerPoint content into Articulate Storyline isn't an exact one-to-one conversion. As a result, text may look a bit different. And although most features in PowerPoint and Articulate Presenter '09 are supported in Storyline, some aren't.

Hope that helps!

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