What will happen with SL2 and SL3 and SL4

I have just ordered a new SL2 offer with the PMP2 upgrade pack (SL3 and SL4) here at our internal purchase at Olympus Europe. And surprise, surprise the PMP2 is not on the list anymore. I heard the same thing from a colleague of an affiliated company, that they won't be able to puchase a PMP 1 or 2 licence. Also the reseller Interlake in Germany is not going to offer any PMP licence right now.

So there really is an urgent matter that some of your staff should ensure what will happen to the standalone Storyline, it's updates and furthermore the compatibility between 360 and SL2 or when happens SL3.

And PLEASE just don't tell us that it will happen somewhen in 2017. We also need a detailed feature list which features of 360 will be implemented in the coming updates of SL3. Then we could make further decisions here at our companys.

(Maybe decisions about what will happen with the PMP2 licences I have bought this year)

BR Christian

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