When I push space to stop preview it asks me if I want to save my changes - as if I was about to quit

Dec 20, 2019

This I noticed from today after the latest update, but not sure if it has been like that for a bit.

If I click the Preview button in the timeline and click it again to pause, I am not asked to close the program and save my changes. Anyone else experience this?

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Katie Riggio

Hello, Soren. Happy to dive in!

I've done some testing on the timeline preview in Storyline 360 (Update 35 and Update 34), where pressing the space bar and clicking the play/pause button should not trigger a closing prompt. Click here to see a short Peek 360 of the test!

Do you remember seeing the prompt on a specific update? Also, are you comfortable with sharing the affected .story file privately by this link? I'm happy to test it on the same version, and delete it after!

Chet Poulton


I'm having this same issue as described above. If the Storyline file has not been saved and I press the spacebar to pause a preview, it brings up a dialog box asking if I want to save before quitting. If it is saved, pressing the spacebar closes Storyline. This is also sporadic, meaning that it does not happen every the time. I'm running version 3.53.25436.0. on Windows 10 Pro.

There are no triggers that use the spacebar for anything throughout the entire course file. This is also happening in multiple Storyline files. It is not related to just one file.

Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!