when is the next version of Storyline?

Sep 26, 2012

I was curious when the next update version of storyline is coming out?

I know there are "known issues" that we deal with -- for instance, the odd deal where the last bulleted item has its bullet look different, which you can sometimes fix by means of selecting and then resetting the font size, other times not...

I was curious when the next version will be released, which would theoretically clean up a few rough spots like this?

THANKS --eric

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Eric Stephan

"when it is ready" always been a clever response and has always given a nice tough macho sense of the software developer.  Even when posted in the company's own software support forum, I guess.  but when you have a large body of people using your software and are setting their own schedules for when they will be able to deliver THEIR deliverables, they are justifiably interested in getting any information they can about the tools they have bought to do their work.   If Articulate doesn't have the slightest idea, fair enough. or even if they have a guess which winds up being inaccurate, okay.

Jamie Morgan

I've been around Articulate for a long time and agree with Phil, they rarely will reveal when an update is going to come out. I actually prefer that versus the made-up date approach that keeps getting pushed back and back, or worse yet, the date where they roll it out regardless if it works right or not (Adobe - *cough* *cough*).  LOL

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