When pressing pevious, how can you make it go to the previously viewed layer?

Mar 27, 2020

Each time the previous button is selected, it takes you back to Base Layer, not the previously visited layer.

I tried changing the Slide Properties on the base layer to Reset to initial state but that didn't work then I tried changing the Slide Properties on each layer to Reset to initial state and still no luck.

There must be solution and one that can be applied to the entire project without having to change each and every layer. Hopefully!!!!

Aghhhhhhh, anyone at all, please help. 

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Lejan Ocampo

Hi Alexandra,

Happy to help you with this one. 

You can add a trigger for your previous button to show the previous layer and you also have to add a hide this layer trigger when you click on the previous button. It looks like this one.

I created a simple story file that I attached below that you can look at to see how it works.

As for applying these triggers in your entire project, as far as I know, this will be possible if you initially added these triggers and layers on a master slide. If not, you may have to change or add these triggers on every slide in your entire project.

I hope this helps.

Walt Hamilton

Slides can be visited because they are containers, or think of them as locations. Each slide can have many objects on it, and those objects can be shown or hidden in many different combinations. Layers are a special kind of object that can be visible or hidden, but all the layers on a slide are in the same location (slide). Layers are special objects in that when they are shown or hidden, they also show or hide all the other objects on them. Which explains why you can visit a slide, but cannot visit a layer.

With most objects, to see them, you set their state to Normal, and not to see them, you set their state to Hidden. To see layers, you show them, and not to see them, you hide them.  Which means you cannot go to the previous layer, because you are still on that slide.

What you are asking is to have a bunch of objects the learner can make visible or not, by clicking on them, and to have the program remember which was last visible and with one trigger re-show that object. The problem is that the program does not keep track of that kind of detail.

So what you need to do is force the  learner to always go through the layers in a certain specified order. Then create your own button to put on each layer, that shows the specific preceding layer. Note that you can use the built-in button to perform any trigger action, not only the jump action. The drawback is that if it is used to show a layer, it must have the layer identified by name.

Your other option is to use slides instead of layers. The strength of layers is their additive nature. That is, showing a layer can add additional material to what is already showing. Since none of your layers does that, every layer can be a separate slide. Then you could use the Prev button to jump to the prev slide. When finished with a section, you could jump to the main menu slide.

MiClub Training

Thank you very much for your explanation Walt, its greatly appreciated. I understand what you are saying so I'm going to try and implement the first idea and if that doesn't work I'll create each layer as individual slides. Alot of work as I have many slides with many layers but at least I know now that this is the only work around.

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