When resuming course in lms on ipad, quiz is not resetting. Only allows review.

Apr 08, 2015

I have been updating all of our old presenter modules to Storyline 2. These are going to be used by clients on ipads. I have tested approximately 50 modules this way, and have come to an issue on one that I can not resolve. 

The triggers are set up so that the user can only retry the quiz (not review) and the results will reset. If the user goes back to the intro slide (right before the quiz begins) and they've already taken the quiz, it is set to Jump to Results Slide if "QuizTaken" is equal to True. 

This works UNLESS the user exits the module, reenters from the LMS and chooses "Yes" to resume where they left off. When they do this and return to the intro slide, it takes them through the entire slide then to the quiz. When the quiz begins, it simply reviews their previous answers. I have never had this happen before. All triggers are set EXACTLY the same as previous modules. 

Any suggestions? I have republished 5 times with no luck.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Stephana,

It sounds unusual, so I'd want to know a bit more about the testing you're doing. Are you viewing this in the mobile player or Safari? Have you looked to see how it behaves in SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing LMS content?  You mentioned there are other modules that behave normally - so it sounds like it's just this one course? Are you able to share a copy of it here with us? 

Stephana Gaudin

I'm viewing from Safari. Unfortunately, our users can not download the mobile player. 

I have not had a chance to test this on Scorm Cloud from the ipad, but it appears to work fine from my PC.

It is just this one course (out of 50 or so modules!). 

I'd be happy to share, but it has client information. Is there a way I can share more discreetly?

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