When resuming course, resume halfway already completed scene

Mar 10, 2017

Hello Everybody,


I hope some of you have an awnser for my problem. I can't find any solution in the past duscussions.

I made a course in Storyline 3 (articutale 360) which consists of 7 scenes (in Dutch). Scene 1 is the starting scene and the other 6 scenes contain the topics which have to be completed.

overview course


Scene 1 has 3 sheets: an introduction, an information and main sheet. The main sheet has icons which link to (when clicked on) to the different topics/scenes. After completing a topic/scene, the designated icon turns green and a tick appears. Also a progress-dail changes to show how much of the course is completed.

Main sheet


The problem is that after stopping/closing the course after completing 3 or more topics and resuming the course again after a certain amount of time, it has loses part of the progress and it starts at the begining or halfway the 3rd topic. Even after completing the whole course and restarting the course, it loses the progress and starts halfway the 3rd topic.

It doesn't matter in which order you start the topics, it always seems to resume at the begining or halfway the 3rd topic. When resuming, it should be so that you always resume at the main sheet to start the non completed topics.

The chosen properties are:

  • All the sheets (except one) have property 'Resumed saved state' (so the learner doen't have to wait the length of the timeline when revisiting);
  • The main sheet has property 'Reset to initial state' (because of the recalculation of the progress);
  • The player property on restart is 'Always Resume'.


I thought it might be an issue with the coupling with our LMS, but this problem also appears when published in ScormCloud.

I hope some of you can help me.



Sjoerd Veltman


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Sjoerd Veltman

Hello Nick,


As Wendy said: Great explanation. I can work with that.

First I will try if SCORM 2004 works. i don't know which version it is, but since I use Storyline 3 as a pakkage op Atriculate 360 I hope i can assume it will be a 'high' edition.

If this doesn't do the job, then I have to do some work in put eveything back to initial state as you mentioned. i think it won't be a very big problem, but we will see.

In both casses I will give feedback.



Sjoerd Veltman

So after taking Nick his suggestions into action I solved the problem.

First I tried to publish the project to a SCORM2004 4th edition. This did not solve the problem though. After completing a few of the topics, somehow all the progres was deleted and I had to start all over again.

Then I set all the sheets to 'Automatically decide'. This way it is possible to get further in the course before the problem occurs, but the problem remains.

The I set the revisitting property of alle the slides to 'Reset to initial state'. This solved the problem completely!

I then had to program some sheets from which I wanted the option to jump to the end of the time line if you would revisit the sheet. I did this with a true/flase parameter which is set to true at or near the end of the timeline. When revisitting the sheet this parameter lets some hidden objects appear at the start of the timeline. This also worked because it were only a few sheets where this was the case. In the meanwhile I restructured the couse so these sheets are shorter in time and the befor mentioned parameter is not needed anymore. Now the course is more a whole.


More important: The problem is completely solved! Thanks for providing the solution Nick.



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