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Dec 15, 2013

I have a series of questions that are submiitted as a batch. This involves a screen that follows the last question allowing the user to submit or to go back and review their answers before submitting. I have therefore set the 'on revisiting' to Saved.

However, if the user fails the test, I want to allow them to retry the assessment again. On the Fail screen, I have added a button allowing them to return to the start of the quiz and try again. This doesn't work, because the screens' revisit setting is set to Saved and now needs to be 'reset to initial state'.

Is what I want to offer impossible, or is it possible to influence the 'automatically decide' setting to work how you want it to behave when you return to a specific slide?



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Rutwin Geuverink

Hi Martin, 

I'm pretty positive that what you're after is possible, although without the actual project files, it's difficult to tell.

Instead of relying on the 'resume saved state' and 'reset to initial state' settings, you could setup variables to decide on a restart or resume of the quiz  depending on the users' selections (e.g. clicking on the button to try the quiz again from the beginning).

If you're able to share your project file I would be happy to take a look.

Kind regards,


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Martin,

I've attached a file that I believe does what you'd like. I've inferred that you aren't providing feedback (perhaps I've inferred incorrectly), and that Learners are moving from question to question.

I've removed the default retry button from the base layer of the results slide and placed it on the Fail layer, since you mentioned wanting Learners to be able to retry the quiz if they fail.

I also have a Confirmation Slide with a (Review or Submit buttons) after the "final" question, as you've described.

With this setup, it's not necessary to set the slides to initial state at revisit. But you will be turning off the default Submit button and switching to the Next button.

Rather than write up the "how to" here, I'll refer you to these 2 Articulate tutorials, which is where I first learned how to do this.

Submitting answers all at once

Confirming that users are ready...


I've also created two T/F variables, one named Skip/Confirm T/F and the other named Retry.  Default for both is False.

The "Skip/Confirm" variable is changed to True the first time the Confirmation slide plays.

There's a trigger to jump to the results slide if Skip/Confirm = True.

That way, Learners only have the one opportunity to review (of course I'm not sure that's what you'd want...)

The "Retry" variable is changed to True the first time the Results slide plays.

There's a trigger to hide the Retry button on the Fail layer if Retry = True.

Let us know how that works for you, and please shout out with any questions.

Martin Talbot

Hi, Rebecca and Rutwin ...

Thank you both for your responses, and for taking time to help me.  I actually managed to solve the problem by simply using the Reset Results quiz before jumping back to the quiz - it works a treat! I guess I really should spend more time looking at the available triggers - I have a tendency to not look outside the set that I most frequently use!

Thanks again - and season's greetings,


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