When updating a file from SL2 to SL36 the sizes of checkboxes changes

Mar 28, 2017

When I update a project created in SL2 to 360 it completely changes the size of my checkbox inputs and they can't be resized to the original size. This messes up the position and I can't properly check the boxes when I preview. I've attached the original SL2 file and the file created after it updates

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Brian - Thanks for sharing both files so that we could view the issue you are describing. Certainly looked like he checkboxes as the culprit for me and I was able to replicate the behavior when upgrading your SL2 file as well.

I noticed the checkboxes had the setting marked to 'Resize Shape to Fit Text' and I changed this to 'Do not Autofit' and this seemed to take care of the issue. I did not have a font installed that you were utilizing, so that's where I first became concerned about items shifting.

Your updated 360 file is attached.