When using Player style: Classic, the buttons that you place on the top right of your slide, gets disabled in the final output.

I am using "Player Style: Classic" in the course I am currently working on.

It has the help button and email button at the top right(custom buttons not the ones included in the player).

When I publish this course with the latest Articulate Storyline 360. The "help" and "email" button stops working (it gets disabled in the final HTML5 output).

To explain further I created a video of it and attaching a story file that replicates the problem.

Has any one of you faced this yet and is there any way-around to make it work.

@Articulate Team - Can this be resolved in the next update PLEASE.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Aman! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to attach both a story file and a video! I've recreated your file on my end too, and have the same snag. We've logged this as a bug with our team, and they're already investigating! I'm going to link this discussion to the report so that we can update you when there is a fix.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Aman!

I have exciting news to share! We just released Storyline 360 Update 40 (Build 3.40.22208.0) today, and the fix for this bug is included!

Objects near the top of the slide weren't interactive when using the classic player with the title or topbar tabs turned off. This no longer happens in Update 40! 

All you need to do is update Storyline 360 on the Articulate 360 Desktop App. You can find all other features and fixes included in this update by checking out the Storyline 360 release notes.