Where are Character Packs Stored

Feb 19, 2015

I got the full character pack when I purchased SL1 a few years back. I got SL2 when it came out and have now just recently gotten a new computer. Went to use a character in a project and realized I never moved my character pack to the new computer. Could not find where they are stored on the old computer either. 

Where is the character pack stored so I can copy it over to my new computer with my new SL version?

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Sue Jevning

I too have purchased a character pack with SL2. Read the article above and instructions with the email.  The link provided would not allow me to run the files as I received a message saying the file signature was corrupt.  I downloaded the .zip files but they did not import into SL2.  How do I get the characters to come into SL...or how do I point the insert function to the location where the files are stored on the computer?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sue,

I'm sorry to hear about the corrupted error message you received - certainly not what we'd expect and I would be curious if you have a copy of that message which you could share with our team.

In regards to downloading the zip file, you'll want to ensure that you downloaded them and that Storyline itself are all installed locally. You may need to close/reboot Storyline and your computer to see them appear as a part of the Insert Characters section and if you're still having difficulty we'll want you to work with our Support engineers. 

Douglas Dreistadt

This thread seems to have gotten a bit off-track. The original question asked in which directory the character files are stored. Which directory holds the character files? The page referenced by Joanna doesn't say. I'd like to create and add my own characters, but where should the files be stored, and what file type should they be - gif, jpg, png, any of the above?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Douglas and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I think the users here were looking for their character bundles, but I can see how you could view that as off-track if you were looking to access the directory.

Articulate's illustrated characters are saved as EMF files, and our photographic characters are saved as PNG files. Both are stored in encrypted containers until they're called by the software. You may want to check out this previous response from David here for a great way to work with your own characters utilizing states.

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