Where does Storyline store images?

Jun 22, 2012

Not urgent, but I was wondering if Storyline reuses duplicate images (like Flash and Captivate) or are those being added as new graphics every time you insert them.

Example: I am using the same exact  star graphic 4 times in a project. Is the file size duplicated 4 times or is Storyline smart enough to know that it is the same graphic?

Is there a gallery or assets folder that I am not seeing?

Just wondering....

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Phil Mayor

I remember a reply from Brian or possibly Arlyn that said Storyline is clever and tracks if you duplicate and copy and paste images, but if you keep inserting the image it isn't clever enough to know they are different images so stores them separately.  I may be wrong but this does make sense to me.  I have a habit of calling images the same thing and then importing them, there is arisk here that they could get confused (I know I do).

Phil Mayor

Tom, has a cool tip where he uses a scene as a scratch pad, he creates images, stores images and does his mind mapping in that scene and uses them from there.

I think its a great idea because in theory if you use the images in your slides the Story file shouldnt be much larger.  Also if you have to revisit a presentation after finishing it all the assets are in the presentation and you dont need to go searching for them.

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